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Academic Info (English language, Science, Mathematics, ICT) 

English language 

The English Language Curriculum seeks to help children to: 

  • Clarify their own ideas and feelings in English 
  • Share their ideas and thoughts with others, orally as well as in writing 
  • Use literary skills to derive information 
  • Develop a love for Literature 


We emphasize the importance of allowing children to express & develop curiosity about their surroundings. 

  • Students are encouraged to build their own theories based on evidence & experiments done in school 
  • This enables them to come up with their own explanation as to how & why something happens. 


Making mathematics student-friendly is a challenge faced by many teachers especially with young minds. 

  • Our curriculum focuses on helping children build concept by involving them in mathematical activities. 
  • In this manner, children understand the concept of Math as they work with models and objects.


  • ICT is a compulsory subject in the school, and our computer labs offer a lot of scopes for all children to acquire hands-on training. Computer education begins at an early age. In the lower classes, computers are used as a means to learn other subjects. The computer labs also facilitate senior students to acquire programming skills. The school has a computer lab which is well-equipped with the latest hardware and software in an elaborate network system. In addition, the school also has a wide collection of interesting and educational media on a variety of subjects. As our associate organization, Prime College is Nepal’s IT pioneering college, our school students will also benefit from our orientation towards ICT.