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For the all-round development of students, the school has an internal curriculum which helps to enable the students to become confident and competent. Our integrated program is designed with the whole child in mind and taps into the academic, emotional, physical and social development of each learner. We at Prime Global School encourage kind of learning for communicating, problem-solving and exploration of ideas as we realize that understanding and enquiry have come to be valued over memorization and recall.

Thus, our curriculum emphasizes the natural order of development in the child. We go beyond the subjects to understanding where our children come from, how the curriculum works in harmony with the child’s real interest, needs, learning pattern and finally how our curriculum can make the changes with the aim of raising new generation equipped to deal with the challenges of the global world. We are aware that in updating the curriculum regularly children are exposed to the recent methods of teaching. Therefore our curriculum is revised from time to time with regards to the changes taking place in education in Nepal and around the globe.

Prime Global School has three distinct sub-school:

  • Primary School ( Preschool-Grade 5)
  • Middle School ( Grade 6 – Grade 8)
  • Senior School (Grade 9 & Grade 10)