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Prime Clubs

Prime Cultural Club 

Prime Cultural Club aims to teach students the importance of culture in our society. We believe in promoting and preserving the cultures in our society. We conduct programs on auspicious days which carry great values in the Nepali society so that students, and youths, can learn the importance and the origin of those specific days. Prime Cultural Club has the responsibility of conducting one of the greatest events being conducted by Prime named,” Welcome and Farewell program”. 

Prime IT Club 

Prime IT Club is one of the clubs present in Prime Global School that helps students to improve their skills and knowledge about information technology. Information technologies are those technologies that are used for storing, retrieving and sending information. Our club’s main objective is to make students in our +2 wing aware of the advantages of Information technology. Our club plays a vital role as it helps the management of the college as well as other clubs in the technology sector. Our club is active in technical jobs. 

Prime Literary Club 

Prime Literary club is one of the interesting clubs of Prime Global School that helps the school to explore the creativity of students and boost their confidence. We can provide the platform to interact with mass and managerial sectors. Prime Literary Club plays a handful of a role to conduct literature related competitions like poem competitions, essay writing competitions and debate competitions. 

Prime Awareness Club  

Awareness means the state of being aware, knowledgeable and understanding that something is happening or exists. We aim to create awareness about the present issues and important topics that are taking place in the present society. We believe that knowledge about trending issues will help the students become wiser and better than they were before. We focus more on practical knowledge, awareness programs and outdoor activities to help students grow. 


Prime Sports Club is one of the clubs in Prime Global School. It is the club in the school supporting sports as a co-curricular activity in the institution as well as for education. It conducts, organizes, manages, supervises and coordinates all the sports events as well as all the activities related to sports. 

  • 1)To make students participate and involve in sports and sports-related activities. 
  • 2)To make all the students aware of sports education and its good deeds. 
  • 3)To offer all the students to practice sports and utilize their leisure time actively. 
  • 4)To encourage students to join the club and different training as well as other programs conducted in college. 
  • 5)To make all aware of the benefits of sports in our life. 
And the objectives will be achieved by the following: 
  • 1)Producing sporting directory in both written as well as electronic form. 
  • 2)Learning from others’ experiences. 
  • 3)Ensuring that everyone works together for the common good of sports. 
  • 4)Being inclusive and open to all in the matter of sports. 

Prime Science and Research Club

The science and Research club emphasizes making students think more practically rather than theoretically. We believe that anything learnt with fun will be more easily received than just book reading. We focus more on researching topics which will help us in our academics as well as in our professional life.