Curriculum Eve AY 81: Strengthening Parent-Teacher Bonds to Enhance Student’s Success

Prime Global School Hosts Successful Curriculum Eve AY81

Prime Global School recently hosted a successful Curriculum Eve AY81, fostering a strong connection between parents and teachers. This significant event, supported by our dedicated principal, provided a platform for teachers from Grade Nursery to Grade 10 to present the curriculum and educational plans for the upcoming academic year.

Parents and guardians had the opportunity to learn about the diverse events and activities planned to enhance their children’s knowledge and skills. The evening was not just informative but also interactive, allowing parents to engage directly with teachers, address concerns, and seek clarifications about course content and teaching methodologies.

Curriculum Eve AY81 at Prime Global School was a resounding success, underscoring our commitment to transparent and collaborative education. We look forward to continued partnership with our parent community to ensure the best educational experience for our students.